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Slip Me Not has been featured many times in the news since its public launch back in 2012. You can view articles, features and television news reports featuring Slip Me Not below. Download our press pack or get in touch for interviews or imagery requests.



2012 Inventors Association Of Australia (IAA) – Third runner-up for Inventor of the Year
2013 Bendigo Inventors Awards – Finalist for the Health & Education category



October – ABC Local Radio Interview (Bendigo) discussing the dangers of drink spiking and how the idea behind Slip Me Not came about.
October – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Bendigo invention aims to prevent drink spiking’.
October – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Let’s hope ‘Slip me not’ pays off for inventor’.
October – The Buloke Times – ‘Spike Me Not’.
December – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Bendigo invention wins top honour’.

March – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Slip Me Not on the market’.
September – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Finalists impressing BIA judges’.
December – 7News Segment on drink spiking; featuring Slip Me Not; presented by Jacqueline Felgate. Watch below.

February – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Campaign against spiking’.
March – WIN News Segment on drink spiking featuring Slip Me Not, presented by Sarah Lawrence.
September – The Bendigo Advertiser – ‘Support small business day in Bendigo HQ’.

September – Ocean Grove Voice – ‘An assault on the senses’.



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